Sebastian Knittel

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is a design student based in Augsburg, Germany. […]
Born — 1991 in Würzburg
Vienna University of Economics and Business
University of Applied Science Augsburg

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Working in: Print, Interactive, Branding, Motion Graphics, Photography, 3D

Adeventures of Brownie – A New Hope

In search for his creator Brownie begins to walk.


The Viennese Schlagerduo needed a visual identity and covers for their two mixtapes. Check them out at Facebook and watch their videos on YouTube. I recommend to listen to this infamous remix.

Rhythm Police — Cecilia

What you see is a short animation of circles transformed through a scanning and stopmotion process and adjusted to match the given sounds.

The Killer - Execution Scene - Ray Ban

I spotted many sunglasses during this movie and rearranged those moments to a matching scene.

Works From Early Semesters

Mixture of book and CD covers as well as some simple layouting and photographic exploring.

New Corporight Identity for Zoo Augsburg

Complete identity for Zoo Augsburg. Logo, posters, businesscards, flyer and a handcrafted wooden giveaway which can be put together to a lot more animals than you could imagine. The bird is a play on the multiplicity of birds at the zoological garden Augsburg.


Two lithographic prints. The first symbolizes hunger and freedom. The second is an architectual place in Augsburg.

Work in Progress

Mostly small projects for friends.